20 Kids Have Gone Missing In Montana So Far In June

As hard as it is to write articles about missing kids in Montana, they are much needed.

That's because the more people that see the faces of the kids who have gone missing in Montana during the month of June, the better chance we have to return them to their families.

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A group of people holding missing poster and wearing hi-vis vests

The Montana Missing Persons Database Is A Valuable Tool

My heart breaks for the families of these children, as I could never imagine the pain and confusion that comes from having your child go missing.

Thankfully, we have the Montana Missing Persons Database, which allows both civilians and law enforcement to hopefully quickly reunite families.

Not only does it have a database of missing kids, but it also tracks anyone or any age that has gone missing in Montana.

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A single shoe laying on the grass meant to represent a missing child

How You Can Help Find These Missing Children In Montana

The easiest way for you to help is to study the pictures you'll see in the gallery below, and then "if you see something, say something."

Call your local police department and give them a detailed account of when and where you saw the missing child.

They'll contact the correct local authorities, and hopefully, working together, they'll be able to reunite the missing child with their family.

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