Montana is seeing the expansion of more restaurant chains. Some of these chains haven't ever had locations in Montana before. There may be restaurants that are familiar, but some may be brand new to the people of Montana. There is growing excitement about the addition of at least two popular chains that are coming to Montana since they announced they would be expanding here.

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You can now add another chain restaurant that is reportedly coming to Montana. This is a restaurant chain I have never tried before. They make the two things that I love to eat, pizza and ice cream. Happy Joe's Pizza & Ice Cream is going to be expanding to Billings, Montana according to a report from Restaurant News.

Montana's Location Will Be the Only Northwest Location

The Montana location would be Happy Joe's only location in the northwest part of the country. They currently have 3 locations in North Dakota with another opening soon in Fargo. They also have locations across the mid-west in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin. Happy Joe's also has Florida locations and interestingly they have locations in Egypt.

Opening Date Hasn't Been Announced Yet

Beyond the delicious food, Happy Joe's boasts a fun, family-friendly atmosphere. Expect video games and a welcoming environment perfect for creating lots of happy memories. While an official opening date for the Billings location hasn't been announced, residents can anticipate a slice of Happy Joe's pizza, ice cream and joy in the near future.

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