Lots of people move to Montana to be able to do the outdoors activities that they love. Skiing, hiking, running, fishing, the list goes on and on, and so do the endless miles of trails.

Usually in the summer months, you will see people running all throughout town, the parking lots for the trails are full, and campsites are hard to come buy last minute, unless you have booked it early.

With all things considered, it seems like Montana would be a pretty healthy place to live. Whether you are continuing your journey to a healthy you, or you are looking to start a new healthy lifestyle, I have great news for everyone in the Gallatin County.

6 total counties are included in this poll taken by Market Watch, but Gallatin County has been ranked the 2nd Healthiest County in the United States. Way to go!


Also making the healthiest counties in the U.S. list, are a couple of other Montana counties including Yellowstone County, which is home to Billings. Now, they didn't rank nearly as great as Gallatin County, but still an accomplishment to make the list in general.

Now some of you are not going to like that we are highlighting another great reason to move to Gallatin County, but the facts don't lie. We have a healthy county, and people are going to be attracted to that.


Unless we have another few weeks of subzero temperatures, there is a good chance you will see someone out running today or tomorrow.

Want to read the full article about other counties included in this article HERE YOU GO.

cc. Market Watch

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