Yellowstone National Park officials confirmed the birth of a rare white buffalo on June 4. The white buffalo is sacred to Native Americans and fulfills a Lakota prophecy foretelling better times. The calf has been named Wakan Gli, which means "Return Sacred" in Lakota. Its birth is an extraordinarily rare occurrence, happening once in every 1 million births.

Since the initial sightings, the bison calf has not been seen, raising concerns about whether or not it is still alive. Approximately one in five buffalo calves pass shortly after birth due to natural hazards. Despite multiple reports and photos confirming its birth, park staff have been unable to locate Wakan Gli since June 4.

Native American leaders held a ceremony to name the calf, honor the birth, and emphasize the prophecy's message of protecting the earth and its animals. Suspicion about the calf's fate has grown, but some believe it may still be alive, hidden in less accessible areas of the park.

The prophecy tied to the white buffalo's birth is seen as both a warning and a blessing, urging changes for the future. The message of the prophecy remains the same whether that calf is still alive or not.

It might be time to visit Yellowstone again.

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