Many noteworthy shows have become global sensations over the years. Game of Thrones, The Handmaid's Tale, Westworld, Black Mirror, and more have taken the world by storm. However, few period dramas have been able to captivate audiences the way the hit show "Bridgerton" has.

"Bridgerton" has become a global sensation since its release on Netflix. The show quickly gained widespread popularity.

The Bridgerton Promenade Season 3 Event in NYC
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"Bridgerton" was one of Netflix's most-watched series, with over 82 million households tuning in within the first month of its release. It topped the streaming charts in multiple countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

The show features a racially diverse cast, which resonated with audiences worldwide. It reimagines Regency-era London with a more inclusive approach, incorporating modern sensibilities into a historical setting.

Netflix's "Bridgerton" Season 3 World Premiere
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"Bridgerton" generated significant buzz on social media platforms, with fans discussing the show's fashion, characters, and storylines. Memes, fan art, and discussions about the show went viral, further boosting its popularity. My favorite memes say something along the lines of, "I watch Bridgerton for the plot" followed by photos of the extremely handsome cast members.

The series received generally positive reviews from critics, who praised its production design, costumes, and performances.

"Bridgerton" influenced fashion trends, with its Regency-inspired clothing and accessories becoming popular. It also sparked renewed interest in historical romance novels, including the original book series by Julia Quinn on which the show is based. Personally, I stopped reading the series partway through the third book. It felt like the same story on repeat. They are doing a better job of making the show feel less regurgitated.

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Overall, "Bridgerton" has had a significant cultural and entertainment impact globally, solidifying its status as a sensation. Does that carry over into Montana? The answer appears to be "yes." Target recently introduced a "Bridgerton" line and nearly everything is sold out at our local store. I was lucky enough to snag a party pack of napkins, cups, and plates for a friend's birthday before they were gone.

It appears that Montana is just as crazy about "Bridgerton" as the rest of the world. For good reason, it's a delightful show.

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