Dogs do a lot of disgusting things. They roll in poop, lick themselves and each other, eat weird things, toot at inappropriate times, and more. It's wild having not one, but three dogs in one house. The gross activities are never-ending.

What Is The Worst Thing My Dogs Do?

One of my dogs, Oliver, who is eight and a half years old, enjoys eating used feminine hygiene products. What the heck is wrong with this dog? I am certain it is because he is a carnivore and can smell the human on them. Makes me a little concerned for my safety, honestly.

To Make It Even More Gross

As if that's not disgusting enough, Oliver also has a sensitive on the occasion that he gets a hold of this delicacy, it often comes back up. I can not think of anything worse to clean up than a thrown-up used feminine hygiene product.

A Smart, Stupid Dog

I have tried so many things to avoid this issue. I have tried several different kinds of bathroom trash cans, and he always figures out how to open them. He is smart enough to figure out the trash can, but not smart enough to realize eating these products makes him feel sick.

Ultimately, I found a washable product that lives in either the cupboard or washing machine, so it's been partially solved. Every once in a while it still happens, but better than nothing, I guess.

What is the most disgusting thing your dog does?

Bring Your Dog to Work Day: Country Edition

Dogs are a man's best friend right? It's no wonder so many people are dog owners - including our favorite country artists. But what do you do when most of your year is spent out on the road?

Take your dog with you, of course.

For many country stars, leaving their pups behind is just not an option. Some have even included their dogs in their brand partnerships posing for brands like Miller Lite, Tractor Supply, Blue Otter, or - if you're Carrie Underwood - your own cookbook.

Keep scrolling to see your favorite singers bringing their dogs to work with them.

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