Most of us know about the horrific situation that happened over the weekend in Billings. A woman was bringing her dogs, one at a time, into the groomer's and her car was stolen with three dogs in it. One was left near the scene of the crime and recovered quickly. The other two were not so lucky. One was thrown out of the moving vehicle and killed, the other was severely injured and is still recovering.

This is the scariest thing for a dog owner. It's getting too hot to leave our pets in the car if it's not running...but it can be hard to handle more than one at once when walking into a building. It's a sticky situation and some horrible person took advantage. I can not put into words what I would like to do to the man who was cruel to those poor animals. It could be incriminating.

The idea of losing my dogs is a source of great anxiety for me. A few years ago, my cousin went out of town on vacation and left his dogs with a dog sitter. One of them escaped the dog sitter's yard, ended up in a national park, and died.

Bruce on his hike wearing his tracker. Credit: Jaci Bjorne, TSM
Bruce on his hike wearing his tracker.
Credit: Jaci Bjorne, TSM

So, now I have GPS tracking devices on my dog's collars for peace of mind. In a situation like the one last weekend, the tracking device wouldn't necessarily have saved the dog, but you'd better believe I would hunt the thief down and probably wind up in jail, myself. It is what it is.

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